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Lou Coco


Residence & Studio: 660 West Rd – Richmond MA

Tel: 413-698-3388



My interest in art started when I was a young boy about 8 years old.  I would do oil paintings of objects that I saw in books.  I then moved on to painting actual scenes that interested me.  I even entered a national drawing contest when I was about 12 years old and received high honors.  However, my attention moved off artwork when I entered high school as my parents convinced me that I needed to focus my interests on developing a career in which I could make a decent living.  Going to college, fulfilling my military obligation, becoming a husband and father, and completing a 40-year finance career at General Electric & General Dynamics took up most of my free time.  I completed little artwork during this period.  


Upon my retirement from General Dynamics in 2006 my interest in art resumed greatly like it finally freed itself from a locked box.  I joined the Dalton Art Guild, and began doing oil paintings, one after another with a focus on making people, especially children, smile.  My mind is consumed with images that come and go daily about scenes that are humorous, folksy, colorful, and unique that a child or young adult would like to have in their room or house.  Examples: one day as I was driving with my wife I started to think about animals and how funny it would be if they were dancing to piano music being played by a bear.  Another time I pictured a young boy going to baseball tryouts with his three pet dogs following him each carrying a glove, ball or bat in their teeth.

When I got home I started drawing these scenes and completed these paintings that many people have enjoyed by purchasing prints that I had made of them.


I have also completed a few paintings of Berkshire scenes.  One of my favorites is that of the dwellings at Hancock Shaker Village.


Upon completion of a painting I have good quality prints made.  Some of these prints are then professionally framed or available unframed and displayed for sale at many of the craft fairs that I attend or they are available in my studio at home. 

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